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    Some strains become nearly legendary for their effects, others for their rarity and some for their history. In the case of UBC Chemo, it is a little bit of all three. Providing to many a powerful Indica stone, of the sort that leaves users unable to crawl to the fridge, many believe UBC Chemo to be pure Indica. The rarity of this strain comes from the fact that it is clone only, though both Federation Seeds and BC Bud Depot have crossed the strain to release their own seed versions. As for the history, it was supposedly developed by a Dr. David Suzuki at the University of British Colombia in the late 60s to 70s. Dr. Suzuki is said to have developed it to help cancer patients with the detrimental side-effects of chemotherapy

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    Sensi Seeds Jack Herer

    Just like Durban and Amnesia, Jack Herer is another classic strain that many consider to be one of the best strains of all times. It’s a slightly delicate plant that needs a little extra care in order to produce some of the best buds you’ve ever seen.

    Jack Herer is a 50/50 hybrid strain that tends to grow more like a sativa plant; its indica side helps for strong growth and allows it to deal with issues such as dry climates or low quality substrate. This strain is great for outdoors, although you’ll need to give it a helping hand by training its branches; it does well with issues such as heat and cold, as well as rainy climates. The only inconvenience regarding this strain is its long flowering period, taking until mid-October to harvest outdoors. The wait is well worth its delicious flowers.

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    SATIVA 60% INDICA 40%

    T.H.C 23%

    Sharing characteristics of its parents, Timewarp and Sea Level, this Sativa dominate hybrid grows tall and produces large buds, and has great anti-mold properties (needed on the “Wet Coast”). The high is cerebral and euphoric, great for daytime use or for creative or physical activities. The Hippies of BC love to grow Seawarp as it can grow up to 13 feet in the outdoors.  It is a three-way Sativa-dominant hybrid cross between Sea Level x Ben Johnson x Texada Timewarp.

    Best use
    Stronger than the average Sativa, this is a nice bud for day or night.

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    Sea Warp is a three-way balancing act between the strains Texada Timewarp, Ben Johnson, and Sea Level.  This natural strain grows pretty quickly. It will produce a normal variety of nugs that are large, dense, and in the shape of a cone. Snow white trichomes cover the buds with a tantalizing herbal scent. The flavour is earthy with a slight presence of mint.

    These smells encourage your body to relax and your mind to wind down before taking your first hit.  Sea Warp does a fine job at balancing sativa, indica, sweet, and earthy. The onset will bring uplifting, almost energetic, feelings one moment, and the next moment your body will buzz, locking itself into wherever you are sitting.

    Because of the way this strain works, it is best to start with small doses. If you are treating a symptom of mental pain such as anxiety, take one hit at a time and wait five minutes. On the other hand, if you are treating an aching physical pain, consume two or three hits before waiting to feel the onset of its effects.

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    Blue Cheese is a classic indica-dominant hybrid that delivers a memorable taste alongside a balanced high. Its distinctive name has more to do with its genetic lineage, a cross between the popular Blueberry and the UK-native strain Cheese, than its taste, which is surprisingly fruity.

    The Blue Cheese name has more to do with its lineage than taste. Blue Cheese achieves its potency with an average THC composition of about 15% to 20%.

  • Lemon Hashplant is a top quality Indica Hybrid. There are several strains in existence that are referred to as Hash Plant, but this one in particular stands out among the rest. Originally described as unknown phenotypes of Afghani or Pakistani strains. This version is very exciting to us partly because its lineage includes ’88 G13 Hash Plant, a legendary strain that few have tried. The aroma is floral with hints of lemon with unique physical euphoria.

  • Lemon OG Haze is an interesting Sativa-dominant hybrid strain of cannabis. This strain was first created by legendary breeder Mau, who established Nirvana Seeds. By crossing Lemon OG with Haze, Mau created this wonderful sativa which brings uplifting effects to just about anyone. Users flock to this strain not only for its myriad of wonderful effects, but also for the strain’s notable CBD concentration which averages 2%. CBD in this high of a concentration isn’t usual for a strain with an average THC concentration of 25%

  • The heritage of this heavy indica is a little uncertain, but it’s known to be a relative and possibly an offspring of the legendary OG Kush, one of history’s most popular strains. Pink Kush carries on the legacy, delivering a potent body high that’s very effective as medical treatment. The effects are calming and intensely euphoric, with happiness and a powerful case of the munchies. It’s a versatile tool for treating anxiety, depression, inflammation, lack of appetite, migraines and other headaches, mood disorders, chronic pain, and insomnia. The sativa/indica ratio of this strain is hard to verify, but appears to be as low as 10:90, meaning strong physical effects. THC tests are scarce, but the few that are publicly available suggest fairly high potency, topping 20%. CBD levels are reportedly much lower, less than 1%, so this isn’t an ideal choice for treating conditions that respond to that chemical, including epileptic disorders. The flavor and aroma of Pink Kush are similar, with notes of pine, wood, and flowers. The strain gets its name in part from the pink hairs that punctuate its green nugs. It’s most popular on the legal markets of the Pacific Northwest and Canada.