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Blue Viper House Shatter


Blue Viper House Shatter

This ones got an extra BITE!

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This strain is a contemporary Hybrid with a mysterious origin. The reported genetics of this strain include Blueberry and Viper, however even these genetics are not certain.

Regardless, Blueberry is the famous Indica that parented the Blue Dream strain. Viper is a stimulating Sativa with landrace lineage.

The result is a Hybrid flower with a semi-sweet aroma. Some berry notes may be present in this cannabis strain, however, the various phenotypes of this strain may not be stabilized. This means that samples may be different depending on the region where the strain was found.

Both Blueberry and Viper tend to be high THC producers. While specific testing data on the Blue Viper strain is not readily available, this flower is estimated to produce between 14 to 16% THC.

This is the average amount for a modern Hybrid strain.

Though, depending on testing and growing techniques, some Blue Viper samples may produce more or less than 16% of the psychoactive.

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2 reviews for Blue Viper House Shatter

  1. Tito Morales

    I took a few dabs after work at 6 pm and woke up at 630am the next day.

  2. balkwill98


    Smokes smooth and is great for relaxing at home after a long day.

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