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Dark Moon Rosin

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1g Dark Moon Rosin from Northern Concentrates

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Rosin, like other concentrates, is extracted from cannabis. Rosin rivals the potency and purity of the most advanced hydrocarbon extracts on the market, but without the use of any solvents. Rosin is a solventless cannabis concentrate that uses heat and pressure to force the compounds within the trichome gland out of the cannabis plant where all cannabinoids and terpenes are located.


From Exotic Genetix comes Dark Side of the Moon, an indica strain that pays homage to the legendary 1973 Pink Floyd album. A cross between Spirit in the Sky and Green Ribbon, Dark Side of the Moon flowers bloom with a starry coat of crystal trichomes wreathed by dark purple leaves, giving the strain an almost celestial appearance. Earthy, hashy flavors lead the way with full, sweet fruity notes to follow.

8 reviews for Dark Moon Rosin

  1. Lady Ganja Music (verified owner)

    Its dark alright but full of insane flavour! what a trip

  2. Jackson forrest

    I’m still smoking this and wow so much flavor and power.

  3. Gerry Donahue

    Ordered this and it came in a few days. Amazing product! Tastes good and has a punch. I like to spread this on those pre roll joints. Perfect high. Definitely recommend.

  4. Hash Puppy (shhh) (verified owner)

    All this stuff i’ve treid from northern concentrates has been amazing!

  5. Weedpreneur Ce0 (verified owner)


  6. balkwill98


    As a regular dabber this stuff is the best! Would recommend

  7. Doris Daysmoker (verified owner)

    I hope I can order a bunch more of this

  8. Sarah Wooltan (verified owner)

    Rosin rosin rosin, oh man i love rosin

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